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Dog? Read These Tips!
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flea or tick medication.

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when they are barking or
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Never give your dog milk!
you will be able to get
up, ticks and fleas
how to care for your dog
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Stick with plain old water
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you won’t feed your dog
other plants. When
If your dog is undergoing
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before it becomes worse.
Lift your dog properly. If
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After reading this article,
the pound to see what
Be consistent when giving
to your vet, your dog may
They say that a dog is
to be home alone for long
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Attention exercises must
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regarding their care.
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lifting a big dog, lift them
other dogs, make sure
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gain your dog’s attention
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done during a sitting. It
Never lift a dog by their
Dogs love to eat grass and
your dog.
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Don’t bathe your dog
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They will largely wash
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and use your other hand
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their own unique ways of
to them before you begin
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avoid separation anxiety,
using these tips.
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Some medications tout
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at the local pound. Call
especially if your dog is
reason. If you fail to listen
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it is very hot.
of their neck.
save you money if you
When the weather heats
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toenails, start slow.
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cone around their head,
end up sick or injured.
follow your veterinarian’s
through it all at once.
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other health problems.
you keep them on a leash
necessary. If your dog has
Dogs do not like having a
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House-training your dog
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